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Iron out Remover is an iron decontaminator. It has a pH neutral formula that will react and dissolve contamination from automotive paintwork & wheels, simply spray, allow to react. You will see the area been treated start to turn red this is the product dissolving the contaminants it is known in the trade as “Bleeding” leave for a few minutes and then rinse well with clean water. Iron Out decontaminator is designed for use on paintwork & wheels to remove iron contamination. It can be used before claying to assist in the claying process. When used before claying the Iron out removes the worst and most abrasive contaminants without having to rub as the main active ingredient brakes them down before you get to the claying stage.


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Valeters Pride 1 X Medium Clay Bar For Paintwork That Feels Gritty To Touch 100g Free p&p

Valeters Pride 1 X Medium Clay Bar For Paintwork That Feels Gritty To Touch 100g Free p&p

1 X Medium clay bar 100grams for paintwork that feels gritty to touch
Reasons to use a clay bar
Remove surface contaminants such as Tree sap, Insects, Paint overspray, Light industrial fallout, Road fallout and Other stubborn residues.
Ingrained into the paintwork of most cars, even new ones straight from the dealer sometimes, are dirt and contaminates from the air and road. Over time these build up in your paintwork and will make it feel rough, even after it’s been waxed. Clay bars take out those imperfections and the paint will then feel Smooth. Using a clay bar depends how much mileage you do (i.e. Motorway driving) the best thing to do is to keep checking your paint work. If it feels grainy and rough then it is time to clay it. If it’s still as smooth as new paintwork you don’t need to clay it

It’s a very simple and easy job, although it can be time consuming if you’re planning to clay the entire vehicle in one go. Plan about two hours for an average sized car.

How to plan claying your vehicle 

Choose a clay bar to suit your paintwork.

There are 3 choices in our shop

A Fine Clay bar for newer paintwork in good condition to maintain smooth sleek paintwork

A Medium Clay bar for used cars that have paintwork that feels gritty to touch

A Course Clay bar for vehicles that are older and have never been clayed to remove contaminants

Use a Clay Lube which is a liquid that helps the clay move on the paintwork.

Instructions on how to clay your vehicle

Shampoo your vehicle. No need to dry it off before claying.  Tear off a section of clay about (2 inches x 2 inches). Mould and warm the clay in your hands until it is soft. And flatten to your palm. Spray clay lube onto the section of paintwork to be clayed and clay bar trying to work within an area of about 12 inches at a time. Always keep the area really well lubricated as it makes claying easier.

Rub the clay up and down (or side to side) the paintwork. Don’t put any pressure on the clay, just enough to keep it from sliding out from under your fingers. Please take note:  if you drop your clay throw it away as it will pick up dirt from the ground and scratch your paintwork. If you hear a scratching noise while claying stop immediately and check your clay bar for any larger pieces of dirt. If this is the case throw it away.
After each 12 inch area you cover, check your clay bar for dirt turn over the flattened clay and continue. Keep checking clay for contamination throw it away and use another section of clean clay for the next section of paintwork you are going to treat When you’ve finished claying your car, give it another wash and dry it. Treat with a good protective wax (please see our Carnauba wax protective wax in our shop) You can also use a sealant wax to seal in the shine and protect it (please see our Detailing final finish sealant wax also in our shop)


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