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Iron out Remover is an iron decontaminator. It has a pH neutral formula that will react and dissolve contamination from automotive paintwork & wheels, simply spray, allow to react. You will see the area been treated start to turn red this is the product dissolving the contaminants it is known in the trade as “Bleeding” leave for a few minutes and then rinse well with clean water. Iron Out decontaminator is designed for use on paintwork & wheels to remove iron contamination. It can be used before claying to assist in the claying process. When used before claying the Iron out removes the worst and most abrasive contaminants without having to rub as the main active ingredient brakes them down before you get to the claying stage.


See a video of a customer using our black dye on u tube

Absolute modics

How to dye your car carpets black





150ml Carnauba Hard Wax
250ml Best selling Detailing Products
500ml Car Cleaning, Detailing & Valeting Products
1 Litre Cutting Compound & High Shine Wax
5 Litre Car Cleaning Products
25 Litre Car Valeting Products
Caravan, Motor Home & Boat Cleaning Products & Accessories
Valeting Kits For Car Cleaning & Detailing,
Valeting Accessories For Car Cleaning & Detailing
Airfresheners With assorted Fragrances
Disposable Seat Covers
Polishing Cloths For Car Cleaning, Detailing & Valeting
Chemical Resistant Pump Dispensers

We are a Vehicle Cleaning product suppliers based in Weedon Bec NN7 4PS. We have been in the Valeting retail trade for more than 10 years, and have a wide range of experience and  pride ourselves on the products we sell, and the service we  give. Our aim is to provide a good service selling great products, at fair prices. The products we have for sale on this site have been manufactured, sold to and used by the professionals in the car cleaning valeting trade for more than 25 years. The formulations are of the highest quality at a price you can afford. If you can't see what you want please contact us and we will try to get it.... We accept all Debit and Credit card payments through Pay Pal, we also accept postal order payments. We are Vat registered and the VAT is included in our prices, so the prices you see are the prices you pay. We aim to despatch your order within 48 hours of receiving it, and use a well known Nation wide courier service or Royal Mail. We hope you enjoy looking at our site, and hope you find what you are looking for.


Cleaning The Car Interior & Exterior

Remove all litter and empty ash trays.Then remove any personal objects, put away in a safe place (i.e. a cardboard box) your interior is now ready to clean. Make sure you inspect the vehicle first and quote a price that reflects the work and time you need to clean the vehicle to a high standard. Vacuum the carpets and the seats thoroughly. Make sure you look in the boot and remove any rubbish and hoover out. When you have finished the vacuuming it's time to valet the seats.  First spray the seats with Carpet / upholstery cleaner. Then using a small scrubbing brush or interior sponge work the cleaner into the upholstery. Remove the dirty water with a water extraction machine. Any excess water that is situated in difficult to get to places should be moped up with a micro fibre cloth. Clean any door panels that have fabric inserts at the same time. Clean the headlining with Interior liquid cleaner. Or Interior Foam Cleaner, this product spray’s on a thick foam that dissolves dirt and grime away. Tough stains can be removed with Dry cleaner which is a spot remover. Spray this on to the spot and simply wipe off with a damp or dry cloth.
Clean any Leather upholstery with our Leather Cleaner, Spray on and wipe or add to a bowl of warm water and wipe with a microfibre cloth. Allow to dry then treat with our Leather cream polish. This product  feeds, protects and polishes all leather. Simply rub on and polish off with a clean soft cloth. Cleaning the dash, centre consol and plastic or vinyl door panels is easy, simply wipe over with Interior cleaner. Then polish the dash & trim with  Pink sheen  water based dressing or Vinyl polish silicone dressing

Cleaning the Engine

Pay attention and keep away from the electrical components.  Using our quality degreaser   Either spray on or use a paint brush to agitate the worst areas.  You will also need a strong cleaning agent, such as Non Caustic Traffic film remover (T.F.R.). Spray the T.F.R. over the engine and allow to soak into the grease and oil. Then wash off the T.F.R. and the dirt goes with it.  You can use a hot water steamer but a cold one works perfectly well, it's just takes a bit more time. Wash off the engine and allow to dry keep the engine running to promote drying.  Finally you can finish off with an Engine Lacquer once the engine has cooled down. Or use our DD40 Lubricating penetrating oil, if required, to finish off the job.

Washing the Car.

Before washing the vehicle, clean the doors and boot shuts, either with a sponge or paint brush.  For alloy wheels use our Alloy wheel cleaner if they are heavily covered in brake dust or have baked on dirt,  treat each wheel and aggitate with an Alloy wheel brush then clean off with plenty of clean water, be very careful not to leave it on the wheel too long as this might mark the alloy, Do not use in sunlight.  Non-acid Alloy cleaner is also available. Any Tar stains on your paintwork can be removed with  Tar & Glue remover. The tar comes off very easy if you allow the solution to soak in for a while. Then rub over with a cloth. This product also removes the glue left from Car stickers.
Use a power washer to spray the vehicle, including the wheel arches, with a non-caustic Traffic Film Remover to loosen up the dirt.  Then hand wash the vehicle with Wash & wax shampoo, Snow foam or High foam shampoo.  For quick results use Wash & Wax, it leaves a protective wax shine to your car’s paintwork with no need to polish, simply shammy of with a valeters flunkey. If you are going to polish the car you can use an High foam or Snowfoam shampoo, as you will achieve your finishing shine with your polish / Wax.  Finally rinse off the car with your power washer, not forgetting the door/boot gaps, this will rinse the areas you cleaner earlier.. Dry off the car using a synthetic leather known in the trade as a Flunkey and/or Micro fibre cloth. 

Clay Bar your vehicles paintwork
Remove the roughness you feel when you rub your hand over your paintwork. Even new cars straight from the dealer sometimes have dirt and contaminates from the air and road ingrained in the paintwork. Make your paintwork feel and look like glass by using a Clay Bar. Easy to use, break off piece of clay approx 1 inch square, and flatten to the palm of your hand. Work on a 2ft x 2ft area at a time, wet area with a mild soapy solution and rub paint work with flat of clay bar and hand in slow circular movements, do half the area and turn over the clay bar and repeat. Rinse off the treated area and feel that glass like finish. Discard the used clay and break of another piece and repeat over whole car working on 2ft x 2ft areas at a time. Wash and then wax your paintwork to protect it. Please find this product in our Car Cleaning Accessories catagory.

Polishing & Waxing the Paintwork

When the car is dry you can apply the polishes to the exterior.  Body polish is a matter of choice, and depends on the type of paintwork the car has that is  been valeted.

Cut & Shine to revamp your paintwork, getting rid of Faded panels, Fish eyes and Swirls in the paintwork.

Premium Gold polish is good  all round  polish that is suitable for all types of paintwork.

Carnauba Wax polish is a top of the range polish which is easy on and easy off. Leaving behind a protective wax film. This protects your paintwork against Heat, UVA Rays, Acid rain, Salt, and all air carried contaminations. This polish does not dry out so no dusting............

Final Finish Wax  spray wax is
a very easy on easy off Sealant Wax which lasts for months sealing in the shine and protecting your paintwork. Apply the polish / Wax to the car with a clean soft sponge /in a circular movement, leave to dry, and then remove with a circular movement with a clean soft cotton cloth or micro fibre cloth.

"Rave" an easy to use hard Carnuba wax that adds depth to paint work shine giving a mirror finish shine that will last months.
Apply with a clean soft cloth allow to sit for 5 minutes then buff off the results are amazing.....

Glass cleaning

Clean the glass on both the inside and outside of the vehicle as well as the wing and rear view mirrors. Don't forget the area that sits in the rubbers. Our low dusting Glass polish or Solvent glass spray solution can be used,

Exterior Trims & Tyres

With the bodywork finished you can move onto the bumpers and other vinyl trims. Use Vinyl polish / Long life dressing or Vinyl Gel rubber, plastic bumper conditioner on these and it will bring back the original colour.  Then you can do the tyres with a Wet Look dressing / Vinyl polish / Long life dressing or Vinyl Gel dressing. You can either spray  dressings over the tyres and bumpers, or use a paint brush and paint it on. The Vinyl Gel can only be put on with a brush / Sponge or a soft cloth as it is a thicker solution.
For a wet look finish use our Wet look Tyre trim and bumper shine

As the seats take time to dry, cover the front two with disposable polythene seat covers. These come in white or clear colours. A professional finishing touch would be to put two paper floor mats in the front of the car.

Putting an air freshener into the vehicle is a good idea. Have some mini labels printed with your contact details on. Place a label on to every airfreshner so your customer will remember you for the next time.

Any lasting lingering odours should be treated with a deodoriser, these come in three fragrances Cherry, Bubble Gum, Vanilla & Lemon & Lime. Place into a spray bottle and spray car interior, to leave A long lasting fresh fragrance. 

Thank you for browsing our website, we look forward to your custom, and promise you a good customer service, and a very speedy delivery. Any questions please contacts us.

Tel: 01327 209519   or  07787794992

Valeters Pride Info

We have 4 x Parcel posting days which are Monday, Tuesday Wednesday & Thursday for Courier deliveries And Friday for smaller items weighing under a kilo which we can post via Royal Mail or Evri

Payments for orders can be made via Ekm Pay, Apple Pay, Clear Accept, Pay Pal, Pay Pal Pay in 3, Bank Transfer or by Phone with a credit / Debit card.

Office number: 01327 209519 

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Postage information
Currently all small parcels under 1kilo are posted via Royal Mail or Evri
Larger items over 1 kilo are as follows
Per 25 litre costs £7.50  to post via a well Known courier service next day photographed delivery
1 x 5 litre and up to 3 x 5 Litre costs £7.50 next day photographed delivery

We post to UK Mainland only Excluding the following post codes which cost more to send to
AB31 - AB38 / AB40 - AB56 / IV1 - 28 / IV30 - 32 / IV36 - 40 / IV 41 - 49 / IV51 - 63 / KW1 - 17 / PA20 -PA38 / PA 60 - 78  PH4 -PH50 / KA27 &28 / All HS / All ZE / All UK surrounding Isles, Isle of man / Isle of White  / N Ireland / Channel islands / Republic of Ireland
Please contact us before ordering to get a valid postage price from our sales team before ordering
Tel: 01327 209519 / Mobile: 07787794992

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